First Diocesan gathering of Altar Servers

by Bishop Jose Luis

The idea was not new. It just took us time to launch it. Saturday 24 February saw the first gathering of Altar Servers in the Diocese of Manzini. Practically all the parishes were present though not all the altar servers serving in them could join us.

Fr Theodomir Sibomana (from Rwanda) worked on this idea during 2017. At the end of the year, when priests of the Diocese gather for the final meeting, he announced it would take place at our Cathedral. He then reminded them about it to make sure no one would be missed!

As told them at the beginning of Mass, it was an opportunity for me to bless them and thank them for this important service they offer in our communities. There are times when, presiding the 7.30 Mass at the Cathedral, I am alone and… I really miss them.

But it was much more than a diocesan gathering. We have been working on the launching of an “Association of Altar Servers” which might be called “DIMASA” (Diocese of Manzini Altar Servers Association). The association will help them journey together, understand better the service they have been called to offer, run workshops and retreats.

As the draft constitution says:

What the servers do, how they do it, and the reverence their actions bring to the Eucharist celebration can draw the people attending Mass to understand the Mass better and make their love for God stronger

After the homily I invited them to renew their commitment to serve in their parishes during 2018 and bless them.

Copies of the draft constitution were given to all the parishes so that they can study it in the next three months and share their comments with us.

The diocese offered them some snacks after Mass before going back to their parishes.