Sharing with those who need it most

 by Bishop Jose Luis

Twice a month I preside Mass at Our Lady of Assumption, our Cathedral. Twice a month I do it at the outstations of the Cathedral.

This Sunday I was at St Gabriel (Moneni). I had not been able to be there before this year because of the meetings I normally have at the beginning of the year in South Africa.

Today I was particularly blessed because we were joined by members of CWL (Catholic Women’s League) who are visiting the outstations.
It is, in fact, much more than a visit. They have committed themselves to help those who are most in need in our communities. To this end during their visit they carry buckets with food and toiletries. All the buckets are the same. They have identified a number of items to put in each one of them.
Then, together with the leader of the community, they identify Catholics and non-Catholics who will benefit with them.
I shared my joy at the faithfulness of our church that, for the last 2000 years, always puts together prayer, the Word, the Eucharist and the care of the poor in our communities.