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St Joseph

The Swaziland Mission was confided the Order of the Servants of Mary(OSM), by the Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of Faith on 4 April 1913. On 19 April 1923, it was separated from the Natal Vicariate and constituted the Prefecture Apostolic of Swaziland. On the 15th March 1939, it was elevated to the rank of Vicariate Apostolic. On the 11thJanuary 1951, it became the Diocese of Bremersdorp, the name of the town later being changed to Manzini. The Diocese comprises the Kingdom of Swaziland.

Area: 17 364 sq. Km.

Total Population: + 1 080 000 Catholic Populations: 55.000




Appointed Apostolic Administrator: 29 August 2012
Appointed Bishop of Manzini: 29 November 2013
Installed: 26 January 2014

Address: Bishop’s House, P.O. Box 19, Manzini, Swaziland
Telephone number: +268 2505 2348, Fax: +268 2505 4876
E-mail: bishop@dioceseofmanzini.org

Former Ordinaries: Rt Rev Msgr P. M. Bellezze OSM was appointed 27 April 1923 and resigned May 1933. He was followed by Rt Rev Msgr R.M. Migliorini OSM and was appointed 8 July 1933.

Rt Rev Bishop A.C.M. Barneschi OSM, OBE was appointed 15 March 1939, consecrated Titular Bishop of Thagaste on 30 April 1939 and enthroned Bishop of Bremersdorp(later Manzini) on 15 August 1951. Nominated Assistant at the Papal Throne, 11 May 1964, he died 21 May 1965 at Manzini.

Rt Rev Bishop Jerome Rio Maria Casalini, OSM, was appointed 18 December 1965 and ordained 12 February 1966. He resigned 29 January 1976 and died 28 August 1982.

Rt Rev Bishop Aloysius Mandlenkhosi Isaac Zwane, appointed 29 January 1976, was ordained 16 May 1976. He died 9 August 1980.

Rt Rev Louis Ncamiso Ndlovu, OSM, was appointed Apostolic Administrator 20 February 1981 and appointed Bishop ofManzini 31 July 1985. He was ordained Bishop of Manzini 12 October 1985 and died 27 August 2012.