Consolata Missionaries (IMC)

Consolata Missionaries
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Consolata missionaries’ origin and charism

Consolata Missionary Institute (IMC) was founded by Blessed Fr. Joseph Allamano in 1901, a diocesan priest in the city of Turin, North-West of Italy. His love for Mary, mother of Jesus the consoler of humankind, opened his heart to the evangelization of the world and started sending missionaries to Kenya in 1902.

The Consolata Missionaries are Fathers, Brothers and Sisters who consecrated their lives for the evangelization in Africa, Europe, America and Asia. They are missionaries “Ad Gentes” ready to go out of their countries of origin to share God’s love to the nations. In today times we are joined by families, professionals and ordinary people who collaborate with us for this precious task in the church and in the world.

The Consolata missionaries are living and ministering in family spirit. They come from different countries and cultures; they have special love Mary, the Eucharist, Liturgy and manual work. They care for each and every person through family visitations, working with the youth and special care for the sick and the elderly.

Consolata missionaries in South Africa

The Consolata Missionaries had originally come to South Africa as prisoners of war, in 1940. Then in1948 they came to the University of Cape Town in order to validate their degrees, according to the UK system, before going to Kenya as teachers. Then on 10th March 1971, Consolata Missionaries came to South Africa as missionaries to Evangelize represented by Fr. Jack Viscardi and John Bertè.
The first mission was Piet Retief, by then Prefecture of Volksrust, today, Diocese of Dundee.
In 1995 they went to minister in Pretoria Archdiocese, in 2004 to Johannesburg and 2008 they opened a Intercultural Theological Seminary, at Merrivale (KZN), Archdiocese of Durban.

Consolata Missionaries in Swaziland

Consolata Missionaries started to evangelize Swaziland in the year 2012 with the coming of Rt. Rev. Bishop José Luis Gerardo Ponce de Leon as the Apostolic Administrator and later on as the Bishop of Manzini Catholic Diocese from the 29th November 2013. He was later joined by Fr.Giorgio Massa, who is currently helping at “Our Lady of Sorrows Parish” at Hluti. In the year 2015/2016, three other Consolata missionaries: Fr. Peterson, Fr. Rocco and Fr. Francis entered Swaziland respectively to study Swazi language and the culture of the people before starting the work of evangelization.

On 1st January 2017 SS. Peter and Paul was elevated to the level of a Parish under the pastoral care of the Consolata Missionaries and on 22nd January 2017, Fr. Francis Onyango IMC was officially installed as the first Parish priest of SS.Peter and Paul Parish. This parish is situated at Kwaluseni, Matsapha area, which seems to be the most populated area in Swaziland. The parish is composed of three communities: SS. Peter and Paul which is the main station, St. Augustine at Ludzeludze and Dwaleni. We are also expected to take care of UNISWA – Kwaluseni and a Prison at Matsapha once everything is well organized and an agreement made between the Consolata Missionaries and the concerned authorities. Fr. Rocco is ministering as well at the “Refugee Reception Center”, Malindza, Lubombo. Currently we are temporarily living in Manzini seven kilometers away from the Parish. Our IMC community in Manzini is composed of three confreres namely;

Fr. Francis Onyango IMC – Superior of the Community.

Fr. Peterson Mwangi IMC – Local Administrator.

Fr Giorgio Massa IMC

Currently we are trying to insert ourselves to this new reality by observing and studying the traditions of the diocese and the parishes in order to create a strong foundation of our presence. We are determined to work as a team and give our best to the work entrusted to us under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Diocese of Manzini, IMC documents from all governing levels of our congregation and the Consolata charism.