Towards the launching of “Renew Africa”


By Thandi Tsabedze

At the beginning of October about 40 people attended another workshop held towards the launching of “Renew Africa” in our diocese.

Mrs. Howe (Diocesan coordinator) welcomed all members, and apologized for the delay in starting the workshop.

She briefly explain to the members on what Renew Africa was all about and how it got started in the Hhohho District Parishes i.e. Regina Mundi, Mater Dolorosa, St. Peregrines, St. Constantine and St. Mary’s.

She then welcomed the two parishes (Our Lady of the Assumption and St. Peter and Paul) that had also joined to be part of this Renew Africa programme, and thereafter asked members to introduce themselves.

Workshop Highlights

  • Faith Sharing and what it is, and how is done at the Faith sharing meeting.

  • Small Christian Communities should be dynamic; with the five elements:

    • Prayer
    • Learning
    • Sharing
    • Mutual Support
    • Mission
  • The qualities of a Small Community Leader and or Small community Facilitator.

  • Their responsibilities (Leader & Facilitator) before, during and after the meeting.

Members were introduced to the use of the Season One Book of Renew Africa (Meet Christ Today). Members were told that the book has been translated in Siswati and that copies were available on a cost that was still to be announced by the office of the Diocesan Financial Administrator.

Members were urged to start with the session at their earliest convenience to have all six session covered during the time of Advent.

The presentation was followed by a question and answer session.


In conclusion Mrs. Howe thanked all participants and assured them that the slides used at the workshop would be sent to them through their e-mail addresses. She then called upon the Bishop who had graced the workshop by his presence to greet the participants.

The Bishop also thanked the members for attending workshop. He explained to them once more how he invited the Renew Africa team to first introduce Renew Africa to the Priests and he then asked parishes that were interested in taking up Renew Africa; that is how it started with the Hhohho Region Parishes. The Bishop encouraged members to never despair even though the wheel is moving at a snail’s pace.