Fr Giorgio Massa IMC: Golden jubilee

By Bp José Luis IMC

Just a few days’ ago Fr Giorgio Massa IMC celebrated his Golden Jubilee. He was ordained priest on 23 December 1967. After his ordination he was in London for a short time before arriving in Cape Town (South Africa) where he had been sent for further studies. In the mind of the superiors he would then be sent to Kenya or Tanzania. Just that, in 1971 the Consolata Missionaries started a pastoral presence in the country in what was then the “Prefecture of Volskrust” (became “Diocese of Dundee in 1983).

Between that time and 2011 he spent most of his time in the Diocese of Dundee: Piet Retief, – Pongola, Damesfontein, Embalenhle, Madadeni… He also served for a short time in Mamelodi (Archdiocese of Pretoria) and Daveyton (Archdiocese of Johannesburg). Continue reading “Fr Giorgio Massa IMC: Golden jubilee”

Thanking our Religious Sisters

by Maduduza Zwane

Our Religious Sisters just like our priests are some of the hardest working members of the Church.

At Christ the King the Servite Sisters of Swaziland work every day, every weekend and on every holiday to prepare for the celebration of the Mass.

Over and above this duty at Christ the King they teach sacraments, manage the preschool and teach at our High School.

Their input cannot be taken for granted. I don’t even think they get a day off as priests do. Continue reading “Thanking our Religious Sisters”

Saint Cabrini was a True Missionary

Photo: L’Osservatore Romano (via Zenit)

Below is Pope Francis’ address to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on Saturday. Sr Barbara (in the photo) worked for many years in our diocese.

* * *

Dear sisters and dear brothers,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome all of you, representatives of the Cabrinian Family, who wish in this way to conclude the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini. On 17 December 1917 this holy woman, who had crossed the ocean twenty-four times to assist migrants in the Americas, and who tirelessly traveled as far as the Andes and also in Argentina, suddenly died in Chicago, and departed for her final trip. Continue reading “Saint Cabrini was a True Missionary”

First Consolata Missionaries’ gathering in Swaziland

Consolata Missionaries serving in South Africa and Swaziland gathered for three days in Manzini. For some of them it was the first visit to the Kingdom of Swaziland and to the St Peter & Paul Parish entrusted to them at the beginning of this year.

On Wednesday 15 November they visited the Parish and the outstations in the early afternoon and celebrated Mass at the parish.

This is part of the bishop’s homily who presided the celebration.

* * *

Continue reading “First Consolata Missionaries’ gathering in Swaziland”

St Frances Xavier Cabrini

By Pope Francis

Letter from Pope Francis to Sr Barbara Staley on the 100th anniversary of the death of St Frances Xavier Cabrini, also called “Mother Cabrini”

* * *

To the Reverend Mother
Sister Barbara Louise Staley
General Superior of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The centennial of the death of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini is one of the main events marking the journey of the Church both because of the greatness of the figure commemorated and because of the contemporary nature of her charism and message, not just for the ecclesial community but for society as a whole.

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“Wake up the world” by Bishop Barry Wood OMI

1Pope Francis announced that 2015 will be a year dedicated to the promotion of consecrated life, and is asking the church’s religious sisters, brothers and priests to “wake up the world” with their testimony of faith, holiness and hope.
During the plenary session of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference, Bp Barry Wood OMI, auxiliary bishop of Durban, linked Marks’s Gospel to the year of consecrated life.
He said that in today’s Gospel we see that Jesus “irritated his relatives and friends … Pope Francis has told us that the purpose of consecrated life is to wake up the world, shake up the world … Many don’t like to be woken up…”

Clicking below you can listen to Bp Barry Wood’s homily on Mark 3: 20 – 21

“Jesus went home, and once more such a crowd collected that they could not even have a meal. When his relatives heard of this, they set out to take charge of him, convinced he was out of his mind.”

#SACBC Pastoral statement on “the year of consecrated life”

30 November 2014 – 02 February 2016
I thank you Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to infants; yes, Father, for such was your generous will. (Matt 11:25)
Brothers and Sisters in the Consecrated Life, Priests and the People of God,
Speaking these words aloud, Jesus rejoiced immensely in the activity and wisdom of the Holy Spirit as he thanked and praised his Father whose mission he himself had come to accomplish.
We rejoice in a similar way in the lives lived and the wonderful activity and service carried out by so many consecrated men and women in our country and in our world. We welcome the invitation of Pope Francis to make this a year of thanksgiving and of deeper reflection on the calling of the consecrated men and women among us.
We think of all the consecrated men and women who have laboured in our countries, from Bishop Griffith, the first Vicar Apostolic of the Cape and Fr. George Corcoran, both Dominicans; the Missionary Sisters of the Assumption and the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, to mention a few of the first ones, up to the most recently consecrated persons from within our countries and those who have come among us from elsewhere. Consecrated men and women established the local church in our dioceses and most of our parishes, schools and hospitals, and still today they minister in the local church and outlying communities, serving people of every background in countless ways. We pay tribute to all deceased Religious who have served in our countries and are buried in our soil, sometimes in obscure or forgotten graves. We appreciate all those Religious who have grown old among us, who have given courageous witness and led exemplary lives.
We ask that in our dioceses and parishes we celebrate the precious gift of consecrated life together with the contemplative and active Religious among us, also by visiting and supporting the sick and aged among them.


Young Apostles of Christ

YAC1 1Last 21st June 2014 we organised a Seminar for the YAC at Sigcineni. There were 43 members present for the programme. It was  a wonderful day. Every body was extremely happy with the programme.

The Catechist on behalf of the Church members expressed his joy and appreciation to the sisters and to Fr. Joseph, who came for the celebration of the Mass.

Different issues were discussed on how to go about with the current situation of the youth as YAC and the Church at large. One of the important question was given to the groups to discuss and after the discussion the leader of the different groups  presented the outcome of the discussion  to the assembly. The following was the question and answers.

Discuss and write your opinion and observation why some of our members left the Catholic faith and embrace other denomination?
  • Lack of the knowledge of Catholic faith (two groups)
  • Because of marriage
  • Because of a job offering
  • Distance to the church
  • No prophesy in Catholic Church (two groups)
  • Some believe Catholics are worshiping Mother Mary and idol worship.(all group)
  • Catholic are not reading the Word of God (all groups)
  • No musical instrument (All group)
  • Leaders of the Church are not living well
  • Priests are not living exemplary life
  • Too ritualistic
  • No proper understanding of Mother Mary and the Holy Trinity (two groups)
  • There is nothing that attract new members to join where as in other churches they are attracted by many things.
  • They think that there is no preaching.
  • Most of the people do not like the time of the Mass.
  • They don’t like the liturgy of the church.
YAC 1Sr.Theresa and Sr.Dimaya tried their best to clear all their doubts regarding our faith so that they help others. We believe that young people have potentials to change the society. Let’s work with them.
Motto: “Light of Christ, let it Shine.”

Report by Sr. Dimaya MSMHC