The first 100 years in eSwatini

By Bp José Luis IMC

The first four “Mantellate Sisters” arrived in “Swaziland” on 05 December 1922
To celebrate the centenary of their presence we came together at Our Lady of Sorrows on 10 December 2022. Below is part of the bishop’s homily.

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The humiliation of the “Des Kaiser”

by Fr Ncamiso Vilakati

Theft is inherently evil. But comparing the self with the title “Des Kaiser” would not be an understatement. One of the greatest soccer players, Franz Anton Beckenbauer was a well-known elegant, dominant and industry leader, reminiscent of the Austrian emperors. Before I engaged myself on this journey to Rome, it wouldn’t be a lie if I were to share this was my feeling. At St Mary’s, I thought I was on top of things until the bishop said that I should come to study in Rome.

The waning power I possessed was cut off, and I was abruptly removed from my high-flying horse, and so great was the fall. Goliath himself would feel ashamed with this fall, for mine echoed towards the end of the corners of the earth. My gnashing teeth were not spared at the fall. I was at my lowest ebb, at the beginning of September 2017. The food was terrible, if the word hopeless were to be added I would concur with those, as for the language, five minutes were enough to doze off to Lala Land. Continue reading “The humiliation of the “Des Kaiser””

Caring for the people of God

by Sr Elsa Joseph

August was a quite months having not many serious clients. We have a 28 year old admitted in unit” A “with a 2 year old with poor Adherence. She has two kids and is expecting the 3rd born. She is diagnosed with a VL 167000 and CD4 count 159, she has a lot of social issues at home and is depressed. MK, 33 years another defaulter, made a big improvement and went back home, then developed complications, he was admitted at St. Lukes Mission and was very ill.

He developed pressure sores and again returned on the 13th of September in a very serious condition to Hope house. Mrs. N 34 and T who came with a severe condition are well again and were discharged. Both of them are very happy and T went back to school and Mrs N to her family to take care of her kids. Continue reading “Caring for the people of God”

Triple Celebrations at St. Juliana

by Maduduza Zwane

At St. Juliana Convent for Servite Sisters was abuzz with triple celebrations last Sunday the 6th January 2019.
Two sisters Sr. Philiphina Mamba and Sr. Alexia Kaberuka of Uganda origin were celebrating their Golden and Silver Jubilees having joined the Servite Order, respectively. At the same time, the Swaziland Council of Catholic Women (SCCW) came in number from all parishes in the Diocese of Manzini to present gifts in the form of groceries and money to all Sisters at the convent.

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