Visit to Malindza Refugee Camp: SCCW, September 2018

by Babongile Mlambo

The visit to Malindza Reception Centre for the year 2018 by members of SCCW was a success. The event was blessed by the presence of His Lordship: Bishop Jose Ponce de Leon, who celebrated Holy Mass assisted by the Vicar Fr. J Mahazule, Fr S Ndwandwe and Fr V Mabuza; also joined by Catholic residents of the centre.

The theme of the day as highlighted by the Bishop was that we all have to remember and acknowledge the presence of the Lord amongst us, in-spite of various circumstances in our lives. In his homily, as a follow up to the Gospel of the day; he reminded the congregants that the visitation to Mother Mary by the angel Gabriel is an eternal promise that “God is with us”, a promise which tends to vanish from our minds each time we are facing challenges (maybe because Christmas which is the reminder comes once a year!). No matter what may come our way, we should remember that God’s promise is valid until the end of time and beyond. Continue reading “Visit to Malindza Refugee Camp: SCCW, September 2018”

International Refugee Day 2017

By Babongile Mlambo

Swaziland Council of Catholic Women: “Sowers of hope”

The 20th of June is the International Day of Refugees, a day that recognizes and remembers all refugees and asylum seekers worldwide.

The Catholic Church in Swaziland honors this day to remember the brothers and sisters who have been displaced from their homes as a result of various unfavorable circumstances. Continue reading “International Refugee Day 2017”