Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees

By Migrants and Refugees section (Holy See)

“The contribution of migrants and refugees is fundamental to the social and economic growth of our societies. It is a potential that is ready to be realised, if only we give it a chance.
In your opinion, how can we foster the development of this potential?” Pope Francis

In addition to the Holy Father’s, there is also Lucy’s testimony, an immigrant to Kenya who with her work and skills is contributing to the development of the community and the economy of the country. Continue reading “Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees”

Migrants and Refugees: a coordinated and sustainable response

By the SACBC

“I learned that you can be migrant even within your own community, in our parish we are not that concerned about reaching out to migrants and refugees, I will try hard to create a group/ committee to look at working with migrants and refugees in our parish,” said Thulile from St. Jude parish, on the attendees of a workshop on Migration in Eswatini.

It was a meeting of members of the Eswatini Council of Catholic Women (ECCW) from the 17 parishes in Eswatini. Twenty-three women, representing 16 parishes, met in the diocese of Manzini for a three-day workshop, from 29th April to 01 May 2022, on Migration under the theme “Migrants and Refugees: A Coordinated and Sustainable Response.” Continue reading “Migrants and Refugees: a coordinated and sustainable response”

ECCW in solidarity with Refugees

by Doris Makhubu

The Eswatini Council of Catholic Women (ECCW) went to handover a donation to the Refugee Reception Camp (Malindza) on June 17, 2020. Their main focus was hygiene so their donation included mostly sanitary pads and soap, among other things. Below is the speech of the Chairperson Make Doris Makhubu.


Your Lordship, the Most Reverend Jose Ponce de Leon, Bishop of Manzini; Rev. Fr Mabuza under whose jurisdiction this Refugee Reception Camp falls, we thank you for shepherding us at this difficult time in the history of not only the church but the whole world. We thank Caritas for coordinating this meeting today under the prevailing Covid-19 conditions. We also thank the commissioner for allowing us to lend a hand in providing for the basic hygiene needs of our brothers and sisters. We are not going to distribute to families as has been the norm but trust the Commissioner’s office to do that. Continue reading “ECCW in solidarity with Refugees”

Our journey with refugees

by Bishop Jose Luis

The places and reasons that bring us together in our diocese are always a sign of what we believe.

Last month we came together at the Cathedral to celebrate the ordination to the priesthood of Fr Ntshangase. The place was packed.

Next month we will again come together at “Santissima Annunziata” in Florence for our annual pilgrimage. We know also the place will be crowded like the previous years.

On Saturday 20 July, our diocese came together at the Malindza Refugee Reception Centre. The visit to the refugee camp is also for us an annual event and an expression of our faith. The event is organised by the Swaziland / Eswatini Council of Catholic Women (SCCW). It brings together delegates from all the parishes. Continue reading “Our journey with refugees”

Visit to Malindza Refugee Camp: SCCW, September 2018

by Babongile Mlambo

The visit to Malindza Reception Centre for the year 2018 by members of SCCW was a success. The event was blessed by the presence of His Lordship: Bishop Jose Ponce de Leon, who celebrated Holy Mass assisted by the Vicar Fr. J Mahazule, Fr S Ndwandwe and Fr V Mabuza; also joined by Catholic residents of the centre.

The theme of the day as highlighted by the Bishop was that we all have to remember and acknowledge the presence of the Lord amongst us, in-spite of various circumstances in our lives. In his homily, as a follow up to the Gospel of the day; he reminded the congregants that the visitation to Mother Mary by the angel Gabriel is an eternal promise that “God is with us”, a promise which tends to vanish from our minds each time we are facing challenges (maybe because Christmas which is the reminder comes once a year!). No matter what may come our way, we should remember that God’s promise is valid until the end of time and beyond. Continue reading “Visit to Malindza Refugee Camp: SCCW, September 2018”

International Refugee Day 2017

By Babongile Mlambo

Swaziland Council of Catholic Women: “Sowers of hope”

The 20th of June is the International Day of Refugees, a day that recognizes and remembers all refugees and asylum seekers worldwide.

The Catholic Church in Swaziland honors this day to remember the brothers and sisters who have been displaced from their homes as a result of various unfavorable circumstances. Continue reading “International Refugee Day 2017”