Ordinary time “B”: Fifth Sunday

by Fr Wandile M. Dlamini OSM

Theme: Life can be so beautiful , even in the midst of all trials in the world, if we learn to live through the mystery of suffering for the sake of the Gospel and its promises.

FIRST READING: Job 7:1-4, 6-7

This reading presents the character of a servant of God who before, was enjoying his riches and gladness , then suddenly he gets struck by misfortunes in his life. He lost his children and all his possessions and lastly his health began to decline. He is afflicted with boils in his entire body from head to toe. He finds himself now lying in ashes, seeking relief from every angle of life. Even his wife is disgusted by the condition of life he finds himself in and loses her tamper and gives way to anger and shouts, “Do you still hold on to your integrity ? Curse God and die”. (Job 1:1-2,13). Continue reading “Ordinary time “B”: Fifth Sunday”

‘We are all asked to be committed to the Mission given to us’

On Sunday 28 January 2018, the bishops of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference gathered at the Catholic Church of the Beatitudes (Archdiocese of Pretoria) to celebrate the 200 years of the Church in Southern Africa. 

Below is Bp Siphuka’s homily

* * * * *

Some years ago Archbishop Slattery, then bishop of Kokstad and I attended a SECAM theological colloquium at St. Augustine, with very high-powered figures, Cardinal Pengo, Cardinal Tumi, and other priests theologians from the continent, and he also delivered a paper there. Continue reading “‘We are all asked to be committed to the Mission given to us’”

A booklet of prayers in SiSwati (second edition!)

by Bp José Luis IMC

The project started two years’ ago.

Arriving in the diocese of Manzini I realized that our “prayer book” was in Zulu and not in SiSwati. In 2016, reflecting on my 30th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood, I thought of doing something for the diocese. It would be “my way” of celebrating this anniversary.

Pope Francis’ words in 2015 addressing a conference marking the 50th anniversary of Vatican II’s decree on the ministry and life of priests and on priestly training, expressed why I chose to do it in this way:

“we are not priests for ourselves, and our own sanctification is closely linked to that of our people, our anointment with theirs. You have been anointed for your people. Knowing and remembering that we are ordained for the people, the holy people of God, helps priests not to think of themselves, to be authoritative, not authoritarian; firm but not hard; joyful but not superficial: in short, pastors, not functionaries.” Continue reading “A booklet of prayers in SiSwati (second edition!)”

Ordinary time “B”: Fourth Sunday

By Fr Wandile M. Dlamini OSM

Theme: Today we pray that we may remain united to the Lord, who is the source of the power and authority we have received.

FIRST READING: Deuteronomy 18:15-20

This reading makes a promise concerning Christ, that there should come a Prophet, great above all the prophets; by whom God would make known himself and his will to the children of men, more fully and clearly than he had ever done before.

He is the light of the world. He is the World by whom God speaks to us.

Continue reading “Ordinary time “B”: Fourth Sunday”

Pontius Pilate, a prophet for our times

Photo: spotlight.africa

By Bp José Luis IMC

The first plenary session of this year started on Tuesday evening with the celebration of Mass at St John Vianney seminary. While the seminarians are on holidays, the bishops use their bedrooms and other facilities.

Being in Pretoria, not far from our offices, priests, religious, friends and everyone working at the SACBC is invited for the celebration of the Mass … and supper!

Mass was presided by the SACBC president, archbishop Stephen Brislin (Cape Town) and bishop Graham Rose (Dundee) was entrusted with the homily. Continue reading “Pontius Pilate, a prophet for our times”

A new dawn at St Juliana’s Convent

by Sr Stephania Ngwenya OSM (Prior General)

On 6th January 2018, the Sisters Servants of Mary of Swaziland celebrated an extraordinary event whereby two Sisters were celebrating a Golden Jubilee and another one a Silver Jubilee.

The crowning moment of the event was the first profession of Sr. Temndeni Mndzebele who took the name of Teresa of Avila as her patron Saint. Continue reading “A new dawn at St Juliana’s Convent”

Ordinary time “B”: Third Sunday

by Fr Wandile M. Dlamini OSM

Theme: The Lord Jesus call each one of us to be fishers of people to his Father’s Kingdom

First Reading: Jonah 3:1-5
The book of Jonah was written after the Jew’s exile. Some of them were quite nationalistic, and filled with a smug sense of superiority over the other nations. Like Jonah, they wished God would destroy the nations perceived as enemies. The story of Jonah is meant to rebuke their smallness and teach them that God has care for other people as well as for them. Continue reading “Ordinary time “B”: Third Sunday”

Share but do not lose…

by Dabulamanzi Ntshangase

On our last Sunday (14th January 2018) of our pastoral exposure for the summer holiday, we had an opportunity to join the youth on the “chain movement of the cross.”

The cross is meant to go around the whole diocese and it is currently at the Cathedral (Manzini) where we have been for our summer holiday. The youth from St. Gabriel’s at Moneni were the ones taking the cross to Ss. Peter and Paul at Makholweni. St. Gabriel’s and Ss. Peter and Paul are “outstations” of the Manzini Cathedral. Continue reading “Share but do not lose…”