Compassionate towards strangers

by Bishop José Luis IMC

Bishop’s address to the students graduating

at Good Shepherd Catholic College of Health Sciences

“Coming to the graduating students, I would like to add a word which comes from our Christian faith.

Your life has certainly been marked by prayer:
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Violence against a Clinic

by Bishop José Luis IMC

“On Wednesday 15 March 2023 we woke up to the news that – once again – Our Lady of Sorrows Clinic had been vandalized during the night by a group of people. The same was experienced just a few months’ ago, on the night of 26 November 2022. Twice in just a few months.”

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African synod assembly: priorities

By Andrew Kaufa smm

The synodal way can be hard but is absolutely necessary. Sometimes difficult conversations arise among brothers and sisters. This was the experience of many when it came to the discernment of priority issues for the Church in Africa. As a matter of fact, the mood in the auditorium of De Leopol Hotel in Addis Ababa could as well be described as tense on Saturday afternoon when delegates reconvened to pass the draft Africa Synod document. Continue reading “African synod assembly: priorities”