An ambitious project

By: Bp José Luis IMC (Bishop of Manzini)

The Diocese of Manzini has been pretty creative regarding our presence in social media. 

Our webpage has been around for many years. Our Facebook Page is one of the best ways for us to share news reaching many in our diocese.

Before COVID19 reached our country, a diocesan whatsapp group was “providentially” created as a way to reach people all over the diocese with news.

When the pandemic brought the first lock-down, we prepared daily podcasts on the gospel of the day. The whatsapp group developed tremendously reaching over 1200 people.

We are now ready to launch a new and very ambitious project. This one is not digital but… printed! At a time when many move from printing to digital, we decided to add a printed project: a diocesan newsletter called “Siyatfunywa”

It is not the first time we have a diocesan newsletter. I still remember when, arriving in the diocese in 2012, a team led by Fr C. B. Maseko issued (A4 size) one called “Telibandla”.

This new one will be launched on Sunday 3 October. It has 12 pages (A3 size) and will be issued every two months. The bishop, priests and laity have all contributed with articles.

Printing costs are always a challenge and that is one of the reasons why this project is ambitious. We do count on everyone’s generosity to make it possible.

Another one is that we would like this publication to reflect the life of our diocese giving space to as many people and as many diverse voices as possible.

We hope and pray that every Catholic family will be looking forward to it and take it home.