Reflection on the Second Sunday of Lent – Year B

By: Fr. Peterson Mwangi IMC

It is good to be there, cf. 1Cor 2:9; Is 64:3: Second Sunday of Lent (B)  (25th February, 2018). | The Pulpit OnlineClick here for Sunday’s readings


The three disciples were lucky to have been given an opportunity to accompany Jesus up the mountain and experience the glory of God but instead of learning in silence and being attentive to what Jesus wanted them to see/ hear, the whole transfiguration experience led Peter to speak and suggested the building of 3 booths where they would all reside. At that moment, a voice was heard from heaven saying, “This is my beloved son; listen to Him.” In this second Sunday of lent we are called to work on our listening skills; listening to the Son God and following His instructions without being distracted by what we have or the situations that we find ourselves in whether good or bad. We are lucky today to have been given Abraham in our first reading as an example of a faithful servant of God who not only listened but also followed the instructions given by God to the latter. He never tried to reason/argue with God, neither did he count the losses that he would incur after sacrificing his only begotten son but with faith, trust and understanding in God who provides, accepted to offer his son as a burnt sacrifice to God. This gesture pleased God who in turn promised Abraham countless blessings and spared the life of his son by providing a ram for sacrifice.

Unlike the case of Abraham, God is not asking us to offer everything to Him by giving to the poor or to the Church but just a fraction of our wealth so that all His children may have something to live on and through us they may come to know Him and believe that He cares and loves them. As we continue to live the spirit of this Lenten season, let us remember that God is always close to those who trust in Him; and if He is on our side no one can be against us as St Paul tells us in the second reading, we will indeed emerge victorious in our daily battles/struggles so long as we remain steadfast in prayer, put something aside for the less fortunate in our societies and most importantly listen to the voice of God that speaks to us every day through His servants and sacred writings. Amen!