By Fr. Peterson Mwangi IMC

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It is very difficult to understand why we must suffer so much in this world and sometimes we can easily doubt the power and the presence of God in our lives due to the circumstances we find ourselves in; as we speak, there are many families all over the world whose family members have died due to Covid 19 pandemic, children have been left orphans, others are still suffering in hospitals, others have lost jobs and have no idea where their next meal will come from. Even Job in today’s first reading confirms with his own experience how hard it is for a man to survive in this world, he feels lonely and probably with little or no reason to wish for a another day or night. We end up with many questions like; Is God aware of all our sufferings? Does He care at all? Has He forsaken us? Is there any need to put our trust in Him or seek His help and guidance? The answers to these questions and many other questions in our minds and hearts can be found in today’s Gospel where Jesus is the main protagonist.

First of all let us remember that the coming of Jesus into this world was not for tourism purposes but for our own salvation, and that’s enough reason to believe that He cares and loves us no matter the circumstances surrounding us. Upon arrival into Simon’s house, they told Jesus about the sickness of Simon’s mother in-law; Jesus being a caring and merciful Father held her hand and healed her for he came so that we may have life and have it in abundance. Jesus remained in the house of Simon and Andrew and many people came to the house bringing the sick and demon possessed for healing. Early in the morning, Jesus went to a lonely place to talk to God in prayer before He could start His daily activities.

Today’s readings remind us of our duties as God’s children, and that God is always close to the broken hearted. He listens to our prayers and especially when we are not selfish but intercede for the others and wish them well. Through His own life, Jesus draws what I can call, ‘A Christian daily timetable’ a timetable that we should all try to follow if we want to live fulfilled lives, strengthen our relationship with God and experience His endless love even in the midst of suffering, challenges and difficulties. Our daily timetable should start and end the day with prayer, seeking God’s guidance, strength and courage in order to face our daily tasks and also to thank Him for all His blessings; then whatever happens in between morning and evening should be life giving regardless of your vocation or profession. Jesus’ work was to save not to injure, hurt or kill. Whatever we do in life should be geared towards building a united society where demons have no place and everyone feels valued, appreciated and accepted. Finally let us pray for all the sick in our families, communities and country at large and use the energy God has given us to serve Him by being good to others and looking after their wellbeing. Amen!