Reflection for the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord

by Thokozani Mkhonta

10 January 2021, The Baptism of the Lord Sunday Mass - 10 AM - YouTubeClick here for Sunday’s readings

It is reckoned that our needs and desires go a long way in defining who we are. Our actions are largely motivated and informed by the things we desire to possess and persons we aspire to become. The scarcity of means to fulfil our needs is thus a major dilemma of life. Often, individuals have to put up with uncomfortable conditions and tolerate difficult people for the sake of gaining a livelihood. It is saddening to recognize the plight of those who lack the means to satisfy even basic needs.

It is as though the ones with much fortune and wealth are the happiest in life. Yet, it is evident that people tend to always seek and need more of what they already possess. This evidences the fact that we often deprive ourselves happiness by failing to appreciate and celebrate what we already have. If we fail to properly regulate our aspirations and ambitions, they will always rob us the opportunity to celebrate the present moment by stimulating an unsuitable longing for that which is yet beyond our possession.

A sincere and properly informed evaluation of our life situations will show us that we have so much to be grateful for in life. It is so unfortunate that humans often fail to recognize and value of some fundamental blessings which God has bestowed on them. It is when such are lost that we are awakened to their value. If we take a moment to pause and ponder on the blessings of the Lord, we are bound to realize that the best things in life are free. This is epitomized in the gift of eternal life, the ultimate gift we can ever achieve. Because of the sin of Adam and Eve, we were dead, and Christ, through his death and resurrection has purchased for us the reward of eternal life.

The Church is celebrating the Baptism of our Lord today. This prompts us to reflect and recognize the significance of the Sacrament of Baptism. The love and generosity of Christ has made us all capable of eternal life. The possession of such a grace should be a source of unsurpassable joy. The Baptism which we receive from the Church, which ultimately comes from Christ, has opened for us the gates to eternal life.

We thus have to appreciate and celebrate this blessing. We cannot afford to allow the concerns and troubles of this earthly life to derail us. We cannot despair over the misfortunes of this life; Christ has secured us an eternal life of joy and happiness. We show proper appreciation of this gift by living according to the precepts of Christ. May eternal life be our primary ambition. Let us be defined by the kind of a life which the Baptism which we received from Christ calls us to live.