Holy Family Sunday – Year B

by Khonzumenzi Dlamini

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Today we celebrate and honour the Holy Family of Mary, Jesus and Joseph. Having celebrated Christmas today we are called to reflect on the gift of family. Ideally, the family is called the domestic Church and this became exemplary during the lockdown where all of us went back to be with our families. It was unfortunate that we also read in newspapers how domestic violence occurred in the families during the lockdown.

It shows that there are some unattended wounds in families. Today we are called to pray for our families. We must learn from the Holy Family of Mary, Jesus and Joseph. The first thing we learn from them today from the Gospel passage is fidelity to God. They followed the law and presented Jesus to God in the Temple as it was the Jewish norm to offer the first male child to God.

This should also teach us to present Christ whom we also received to others. And this should begin in our families, we should be Christ centred families. Good families are those who have offered all their weaknesses and strengths to God. Those things we treasure the most in our families should be offered to God so that in Him they have sustenance. As we celebrate the Holy Family today let us look at those things that hindering us from showing love to one another in our homes. We must pray for good relationships in our families.