27th Sunday in Ordinary time – Year A

by Fr. Francis Huwn msfs

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“You must remember to love people and use things, rather than to love things and use people”. Ven. Bishop Fulton Sheen

Our God is a God who trusts his workers. Just as the landowner gave the tenants a fully equipped vineyard in which to work and produce, God creates the possibilities for work, fruitfulness and success for us too. We are the tenants: to the government servants, God has entrusted with public properties; to the church authorities, to shepherd the people of God; the married, to be good stewards of the family. He provides us with opportunities and resources and trusts that we will make the most of these. Do we recognize the opportunities and resources that God has given us?

The vineyard in the gospel reminds us of the garden of Eden. God created man and gave a meaning to his life; he puts him in a place-a garden, which is a symbol of relationship- a place he should care for. The same goes for our life: a place is given to us in which we can find meaning. The responsibilities that we hold in the society, in the church and in the family implies that we must cultivate and care for.

God has created this wonderful world and we are tenants. However, many people find the world so magnificent that they want to keep it for themselves and kick God out of it. They don’t want to be tenants, they want to be landlords. They don’t like being reminded that they are just tenants. Pope Francis stated in the loudest voice saying, “The emptier a person’s heart is, the more he or she needs things to buy, own and consume.” Human hearts seek for vanities, something that will never give contentment and satisfaction.

Live Jesus!