A Nation overflowing with blood and tears

by Vusizwe Motsa

(Pic: sourced from the internet-UN Women)

Think of that female neighbour, a victim of her alcoholic boyfriend/husband who has turned her into a punching bag. Think of the thousands of women trafficked, lured into believing in a better life then forced to do things against their will. The lady you read about in the newspaper, killed by a jealous boyfriend or husband. The girl-child sexually abused by her own father or relative and has nowhere to go. The only person who should be protecting her is the very same perpetrator. The young woman forced by her greedy family to marry someone she does not love because of wealth and the benefits the family will gain.

How about the one who was raped, got pregnant or infected and became a laughing stock because ‘’she wanted it’’ because of her dress code. Remember the lady you heard about, made to abort her baby because she was bringing shame to the family and ended up committing suicide. Those many women, married to one man…sexually starved, financially unsupported and deprived of many things. Society standards falsely tell you it is right to abuse women to show superiority. Disgusting! Atrocious!

On a daily basis, we hear stories that send shivers down the spine and leave one gobsmacked. Cases are skyrocketing daily faster than a Cheater gunning for its prey. Women are the most vulnerable since they are viewed as weak and physically unable to defend themselves against men. That may be the case but that does not justify any form of abuse inflicted on them. In our society we hear, see or even experience woman abuse on daily bases. You know those victims and the perpetrators. They live amongst you. What have you done besides gossiping about them? In Martin Luther King Jr.’s words: ‘’Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’’

Gruesome violence; torture, stabbed to death, neck-laced with a tyre and set alight alive, body parts removed while alive and others beaten to death. Relatives, lovers, criminals, law binding citizens, law enforcers are killing like it is a competition or a murder contest. There is so much violence such that the whole country smells of blood and is overflowing with tears. A quarrel leads to; murder, an accusation to death and an investigation to a funeral. Relatives and friends are left to console themselves, searching for answers and wondering what befell them. People are so angry and they throw common sense away. It is appalling.

Jealousy, cheating, monetary issues, and supremacy are some of the issues that have led to violence with death being the outcome. These are issues which could have been dealt with amicably by all parties involved. We are losing too many people; even the younger generation is resorting to violence to resolve disputes. To them it is now a norm. What will become of our country in the future? What is becoming of our country now if such is happening on daily bases at home and public places?

Furthermore, not to sound like a broken record; violence is not and will never be the answer. Perpetrators should face the wrath of the law. Victims must be afforded the best care and help there is out there. Let us stand together and protect our own. Let us address such issues head on and stop sweeping them aside when they happen even at home. People must be empowered in our societies on regular basis so that they know how to deal with disputes instead of resorting to violence. Violence has no place in our society and it should not be tolerated or condoned. So many people have lost loved ones, so many have killed and so many are still perpetrating violence. For how long should this go on? Why so much anger?