St Anne’s Sodality donates to Parish Caritas

by Swabsile Twala

On the second Sunday of August 2020: St Anne’s sodality made a presentation of a donation to Caritas in conjunction with the Daughter’s of St Anne’s.

The short service opened with a word of prayer by Fr F. Onyango who thanked God for the wonderful donation of food parcels and blessing of the participants who contributed.

Nomsa Khumalo who was the MC of the short service also expressed gratitude towards the heartfelt donation for the elderly and needy and appreciated the compassion displayed by the sodalities.

Make Zwakele Tsela on behalf of the chairperson of St Anne’s motivated, encouraged and appraised the members in their kind gesture of giving in conjunction with the Daughters. She echoed Anna’s commitment and dedication in giving from the little she had, asking the members to follow on Anna’s footsteps at all times.

Babe Mbingo who spoke on behalf of the Church expressed his most humbling appreciation of the donation by the sodalities. He stressed that this compassion is vital as it is done by the oldest sodality and this mirrors good lessons to others and the church at large. He noted with pleasure the commitment and determination irrespective of the current challenging times. He further applauded that the huge donation embodies all categories of the aged and vulnerable, that the inclusion of the members of other sodalities to benefit like CWL and Sacred Heart promotes unity in the Church. He thanked God for such a provision.

Mr Sifundvo Bulunga who represented the Parish Caritas team also applauded greatly as he received the huge donation of the food hampers, stating that it’s the first of its kind to receive such a massive donation. He said he was speechless, and promised to strive with all their means to distribute the hampers to the most needy and vulnerable fairly and honestly to the 60 families.

Finally, the Parish priest summed up the event by graciously thanking God for such a humbling provision by the St Anne’s, and encouraging members to keep up the good spirit, work and wonderful gesture. He mentioned that when we give ourselves in acts of obedient offerings to God, we become a part of something that will last forever and ever. He then closed the short service with a word of prayer and blessing.