June seemed a bit quiet!

by Sr. Elsa Joseph 

Vegetable garden at hope house

The month of June was a quiet month with only a few clients with severe pressure sores, we had to battle with the wounds and it took a while to show some improvements. The fear of COVID 19 is still in the hearts of all the clients, staff and care givers. With the low immune system of the clients who are under our care we had to be very vigilant in admitting clients at the facility. Mr. D came from the hospital with a very deep pressure sore, his condition was very very serious. Another man came in very ill and is recovering now.

We have a vegetable garden which provides fresh vegetables to our clients to add to the balanced diet. This provides a speedy recovery for our clients.

We were indeed blessed with the donations of wheel chairs from the DPM’s office, sanitisers and masks from the Italian Bishops Conference through the Bishop’s office, as well as the faithful of the Cathedral parish who continue to support us in spite of the lockdown, those were indeed a great blessing to fight COVID 19 & to give quality care to our clients. Namboard continues to support Hope House with their occasional donations,we are always grateful.

We are ever thankful to His Majesty’s government, who continue to support Hope House and its needs. We implore God’s blessings to all those who support Hope House, especially in this difficult time where everyone is struggling during this pandemic.

Please be assured of our heartfelt gratitude and prayers for you all.