EMY – July: Youth

Topic for July: Youth
Saint of the month: St. John Bosco

St. John Bosco (1815–1888) was born in Italy to a poor farming family. His father died when he was two, leaving his religious instruction to his pious mother. At the age of nine he had his first of many powerful visions which would come throughout his life. In it Jesus and the Virgin Mary showed him that he was to instruct poor, wayward boys and bring them back to God. As a priest he began ministering to the poor and neglected boys of Turin, Italy, who were driven to desperate conditions in the wake of the Industrial Revolution. Don Bosco became a mentor and spiritual director to them, inspiring them to a life of virtue and saving many from a future of crime and poverty. He met with them as a group – called the Oratory of St. Francis de Sales – and catechised them as a kind spiritual father.

These words below were written for his pupils in his book: ‘The Companion of Youth’:

“Every virtue in your soul is a precious ornament which makes you dear to God and to
man. But holy purity, the queen of virtues, the angelic virtue, is a jewel so precious that
those who possess it become like the angels of God in Heaven, even though clothed in
mortal flesh. Our Saviour Himself says: They shall be as the angels of God. This virtue
is the mainstay of all that is holy, and if, unfortunately, it is lost, all other virtues are
lost. Now all good things come to me together with her, says the Holy Spirit.
“Run, jump, shout, but do not sin.” St. John Bosco

Points to emulate:

  • Parents and adults responsibilities for imparting religious instruction to the young people
  • Be a Spiritual father and Mother to the youth
  • Youth must strive to uphold purity of body, mind and soul.


St. John Bosco, father and teacher of youth, you have laboured so much for the salvation of
souls. Be our guide in seeking the good of our souls and the salvation of our neighbour. Help
us to conquer our passions and human respect. Teach us to love Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,
Mary Help of Christians, And our Holy Father the Pope. Obtain for us from God the grace of
a happy death, so that we many all join you in heaven.

(Below is the SiSwati version of the same post)

Kholwane: Lusha
Locwebile walenyanga: Johane Bosco Locwebile

Johane Bosco Locwebile (1815-1888) watalwa eTaliyane emndenini webalimi lomphofu. Uyise washona yena aneminyaka lemibili; washiya kufundziswa kwakhe lukholo kunina lobekanenshisekelo. Asaneminyaka leyimfica waba newekucala kulemibono yakhe labeyitamfikela imphilo yakhe yonkhe. Kuwo, Jesu neNtfombi Mariya bamkhomba kutsi utawufundzisa bafana labeswele labamahlongandlebe ababuyise kuNkulunkulu. Angumfundzisi wacala washumayela kubafana labamphofu labalahliwe baseTurin, eTaliyane, labebagcine baphila etimeni letimatima ngesikhatsi setingucuko kutemnotfo. Don Bosco waba ngumeluleki nemcondzisi wetakamoya kubo, abakhutsatela emphilweni yebuhle waphephisa labanyenti elikusaseni lebucala nebumphofu. Abehlangana nabo balicembu-babitwa nge Oratory ya Francis de Sales locwebile- wabafundzisa njengababe lolungile wetakamoya.

“Gijima. Ugcume, umemete kodvwa ungani”

Emaphuzu ekulingisa:

  • Batali nalabadzala banemsebenti wekufundzisa lukholo kubantfu labasha.
  • Yiba ngubabe namake wakamoya kulabasha.
  • Labasha abalwele kugcina bumsulwa bemtimba, ingcondvo nemphefumulo.


Johane Bosco Locwebile, babe nemfundzisi welusha, utikhandlile kakhulu ngelusindziso
lwemiphefumulo, Yiba ngumholi wetfu ekufuneni kulunga kwemiphefumulo yetfu
nelusindziso lwamakhelwane wetfu. Sisite sincobe tinkhanuko tetfu. Sifundzise kutsandza Jesu
eSakramenteni leliBusisekile, Mariya Lusito lwemaKhristu naBabe wetfu longcwele Papa.
Sitfolele kuNkulunkulu inhlanhla yekufa lokunenjabulo, kute sonkhe sibe kanye nawe