Digital spiritual resources

It was over a year ago that we launched the “WhatsApp project” called “Diocesan News” inviting you to join and receive news from the Diocese.

We started with one group. Now we have six of them with over 1000 people! As “WhatsApp” has a limit in the number of people in one single group, we had to create new ones. You all receive the same information at the same time.

We are deeply grateful to you. We hope many more will join. If you have not done it and you would like to do so, send us a WhatsApp message to: +268 7662 0223 (please note that comments in the group have been blocked)

We would like to give you a summary of the digital resources available in our webpage. You know them already because you have been receiving them regularly. We do it so that you see them all at once and, if needed, you know where to find them again.

Sunday readings

  • every week we send you an introduction to the readings together with a PDF text of the readings in Siswati (Click HERE)

Sunday Mass on YouTube

  • during the state of emergency and lock-down we will continue to offer you the Sunday celebration of Mass on YouTube. We have not done it “live” because the internet connection we have does not allow a proper broadcast
  • we are working on allowing everyone to download it for those who want to do so
  • we have done it for “The Seven Words” we offered on Good Friday

Click HERE to view our Diocesan YouTube channel

Daily devotions

  • if you like to pray the rosary or the stations of the cross but you have no one to do it with, we offer you “sound files” with these prayers
  • you will also find links to other ways of praying both the rosary and the stations of the cross in a more meditative way

Click HERE to view all the Daily devotions

Daily reflections

  • with the help of the priests and seminarians, we now send you a sound file with a 10 – 15 minute prayer and reflection based on the gospel of the day. All of them can be found in our web page in case you want to go back to them

Click HERE to view the Daily reflections

One minute gospel

  • every week, normally on Wednesday, the bishop offers – in one minute – an introduction to the Sunday gospel.

Click HERE to watch the weekly reflection

Pope’s monthly intention of prayer

  • For many years Popes have asked the whole Church to be one with him in prayer for a particular intention. Every month we share with you the Pope’s intention of prayer with a brief comment and the Pope’s video introducing it.

Click HERE to view them and to join in prayer

Missionary year monthly intention of prayer

  • We too have a particular intention of prayer every month of this extraordinary missionary year. It is introduced with a short video and a few lines on the life of a saint particularly connected to the intention of prayer.

Click HERE to view our missionary intentions of prayer

Booklet of prayer and reflections

  •  A booklet with a short reflection of the daily gospel, prepared by our priests and seminarians, is available for the month of April. It was prepared to support your personal or family prayer at home.

Click HERE to download the booklet

Our daily prayer at midday

  • Following the request of the Catholic Bishops in our continent, every day at midday we stop for a couple of minutes to pray – wherever we are – for an end of the pandemic. We then say the prayer of the “angelus”.

Click HERE to download the prayer
Click HERE to download the Angelus

Nothing replaces the celebration of Mass or our coming together. Still, we are grateful that in these trying times, technology allows us to come to you with some spiritual resources.

We are particularly grateful to the many people working behind the scenes to make all these resources possible. You might not know who they are but we hope you will keep them in your prayers.