Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time – Year A

by Fr D. Mazibuko osm

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1st Reading: Isiah 58:7-10
2nd Reading: I Cor 2:1-5
Gospel: Matthew 5:13-16

This Sunday the first reading and the gospel talk about the light. The reader and listener is invited to be the light. An invitation that presupposes that one has already moved out of darkness. The world today is need of witnesses of light. The world today needs men and women of integrity. This is an opportunity for us a Church to indeed be the light of Christ. Jesus himself in the gospel is succinct ‘you are the light of the world’. And so we cannot be in the middle, our mandate is for our light to shine forth.

The first also invites us to have sharing and caring attitude towards the vulnerable and those in need, ‘thus says the Lord, share your bread with the hungry and shelter the homeless poor’. I believe this is what must shine, this is the readings invite us to. The readings invite to be attentive to the needs of those around us especially the vulnerable. These are the people who need to experience the warm and comfort of the light of the Baptised. Indeed in year in which we celebrate theme ‘Baptised and Sent’ it is fitting therefore then that to transform our baptism into light for those in darkness. The responsorial psalm alludes to the theme of the light.

So this Sunday is about giving and hope to all who are currently experiencing darkness and all who are vulnerable. Jesus sends us to go out and ring light to them. He sends us to clothe them with integrity, to bring back their original image, to restore their dignity.