The humiliation of the “Des Kaiser”

by Fr Ncamiso Vilakati

Theft is inherently evil. But comparing the self with the title “Des Kaiser” would not be an understatement. One of the greatest soccer players, Franz Anton Beckenbauer was a well-known elegant, dominant and industry leader, reminiscent of the Austrian emperors. Before I engaged myself on this journey to Rome, it wouldn’t be a lie if I were to share this was my feeling. At St Mary’s, I thought I was on top of things until the bishop said that I should come to study in Rome.

The waning power I possessed was cut off, and I was abruptly removed from my high-flying horse, and so great was the fall. Goliath himself would feel ashamed with this fall, for mine echoed towards the end of the corners of the earth. My gnashing teeth were not spared at the fall. I was at my lowest ebb, at the beginning of September 2017. The food was terrible, if the word hopeless were to be added I would concur with those, as for the language, five minutes were enough to doze off to Lala Land.

If one were to share the experience in the eternal city, it is a question of being humbled back to mother earth. Not only is one more than 10,000 kilometres from home but seeing a first country in the world where everyone is busy can simply diminish one. One realises that he is not important after all. Life continues, and everyone is busy with his or her life. So, who are you? The “Des Kaiser”? I’m sorry! It was so strange that a “Des Kaiser” would be dominated by others. A priest here is common entity for we have seen many before. You are just a drop in the ocean. If you by any chance get appreciated as a priest, please rush straight to the chapel and say thank you Lord. According to my standards, I was up there and to feel so unappreciated, tears are a millimetre away. Sitting alone in my room, ohh, how I missed you, my sweet Swaziland, my dear home. You made sure you fed my ego for three years as I enjoyed being a parish priest. This ego is depleted, and my relevancy, self-centredness are but nothing of the past. How can I be the centre of attraction again? How much I want to come back to you, even if so far away my beloved lady.

But this calm and collected “Kaiser”, pride still intact, will bring something of value back to you dear Swaziland. Three years is not that long after all. This will give you life for the rest of your life. Not only will the Kaiser dominate with priestly powers, but humility would be a virtue, a secret weapon it has achieved. The Kaiser has obtained a humble contrite heart, so as to lead by service. Through humility it will dominate and launch an attack on the evil of superiority in order to uplift others. It would mobilise, encourage and guide others towards their full potential. The refined path, the Kaiser will enable others towards full potentiality and success that goes via humility. Those who sometimes feel inadequate or unaccepted and those deprived the ability to pose probing questions, will be empowered by the refined Kaiser in those moments of need.

Without a doubt, Ncamiso Aloysius Vilakati has and will continue to suffer the fire to be refined. It is a process. Yes a process of discernment that needs three years. Humiliation has been a disguise, when in fact it is an upgrade. Being humble is like being a seed that many bury with the thought that, they are destroying it, but instead it grows to the size of an oak. In that same tree many among whom the birds of the earth will find refuge and shelter. Like a Sea of life, similar to that of the Galilee rather than that useless Dead Sea where life is distant, life will spring from this refined Kaiser. It’s just a matter of time, and this our Kaiser will rise from the ashes. Our point of view is that the Kaiser is not humiliated but wisely embellished, passing through humility.

Together let’s say: Long live the “Des Kaiser”