Works of Mercy still ongoing at Holy Rosary

by Fr Wiseman Nkomo

The house which the family lived in.

Having arrived at Holy Rosary Mission on the 1st of November 2018, I was informed of an incomplete project of building a house for a needy family in the chiefdom of Velezizweni. This would mean the project would be have been in waiting for 2 years. Through mobilization and appealing for funds to continue and complete the project I got members of the community to donate building materials, money and their skills to complete the project.


The completed house with a pit latrine Toilet.

The beginning of 2019 marked the resumption and continuation of the project with the aim of finally completing it. The people were very generous and willing to help complete the project, it went up to the roof level and the donations started drying up, another strategy had to be found because leaving the project unfinished was not an option. I then approached the office of orphanaid Caritas to ask for assistance with the roofing, and painting of the house which was almost complete. God on our side our request was granted and the project resumed and finally completed thanks to the assistance of Caritas we also had a constructor who worked every day. In a week the whole project was completed and on the 17th October the house was painted and handed over to the family who were filled with tears of joy as they admired the work God had done for them through the Church. May God continue responding to the cry of the poor through his Church. Coincidentally the project started during the year of Mercy to be completed during the year of Mission: Baptised and sent.

The handing over of the house to the family.