28th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

by Fr Pius Magagula

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What is touchy? The second reading of today from Paul addressed to Timothy (2Tm 2:8-13). Life setting;- Paul is a deserted man. He is writing from a prison in Rome. He had had his first court case and nobody stood up to testify in his favour. So they had most probably testified against him. For pagans he was already guilty without being charged. In life we do find ourselves in Paul’s position; crucified by the people we love the most.

Where is our consolation/where was Paul’s? His strength rested on the Master he was serving. The realisation that his Master died for what he did not do gave him the strength to fight amidst all odds. So, when we are overwhelmed by people not giving us our worth, let us kneel down and say the one that we serve suffered more than us. We might have used up our resources and energies to help communities that do not have thank you in their vocabulary, but, we must hold firm to the fact that the one we serve died not knowing a thank you.

Immediately, what comes to mind is the story of the Uganda martyrs; inspite of execution, which entailed fetching wood for their execution, they remained focused on the one they serve. Bundled in those bamboos, and put in a fierce fire,the one they served made them to disregard the torment. Equally, if this Sunday we focus on the one we serve no evil will harm us. We ask to be like that leper in this week’s gospel: to go uncouched, unscathed to the one we serve.

He who called us is trustworthy and he is worth of dying for. Amen