27th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

by Fr Pius Magagula

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Increase our faith Lord!!

Make us climb the steps we have never climbed. Make us descend to where have never landed. Make what we feel and touch be tantamount with what we cannot feel and touch. We are in the world! Let us have a taste of heaven. This brings us back our school days when we were looking forward to a school trip. Our shoes and clothes would be prepared in anticipation. In our dreams, the bus we would travelling in would leave us. Why? We desire for the ‘unseeable’.

So, faith finds solutions for situations that appear out of control, beyond our reach. We are divided by the ‘truths’ that our cultures have crafted. For an example; a given family hurt my family say 20 years ago, and I have been schooled to treat them as a mountain of the family. God is saying to us this Sunday ….. Remove that mountain.

From our childhoods we have couched on who is friend who is family……let us remove those mountains. Lishangane akusilo liSwati!!!! Is it not this Sunday to remove those mountains? Ufundzile/ akafundzi demolish that mountain. Lastly, I offer a lift in my car in the hope for payment…. demolish that mountain. Why?…… we are but unworthy servants.