26th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

by Fr Mbongiseni Khuluse

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Christ, though he was rich, became poor to make us rich

1st reading
The prophet Amos is talking about political leaders people of power who live in luxurious places. They have nice beds and sleep on soft mattresses, their foods are delicious. They drink the best wine, they do not care about the things that are affecting the whole country. The end I would say is a terrible one so it is up to us if we live like them.

2nd reading
St Paul recommends Timothy to stay away from ungodly things and practice justice, piety, faith, charity, patience to all people. This goes to all Christian and all those who are leaders that they may practice them. We are also reminded to conserve the gospel that we have received.

The parable of rich Dives and poor Lazarus. The rich man who lived his life dressing nicely and dining fairly. Lazarus on another hand lived poorly and miserable. Though he was poor and had nothing but he lived a good life and he deserved heaven. He never complained about anything, never begged he was certified with what he had. The rich man on another hand though he was rich but he lived shamefully before God he failed to share with poor Lazarus. For when you give something to the poor, you don’t offer them what is yours, you give back what is theirs because the earth and the goods of this world are of all people not the rich.