Caring for the people of God

by Sr Elsa Joseph

August was a quite months having not many serious clients. We have a 28 year old admitted in unit” A “with a 2 year old with poor Adherence. She has two kids and is expecting the 3rd born. She is diagnosed with a VL 167000 and CD4 count 159, she has a lot of social issues at home and is depressed. MK, 33 years another defaulter, made a big improvement and went back home, then developed complications, he was admitted at St. Lukes Mission and was very ill.

He developed pressure sores and again returned on the 13th of September in a very serious condition to Hope house. Mrs. N 34 and T who came with a severe condition are well again and were discharged. Both of them are very happy and T went back to school and Mrs N to her family to take care of her kids.

A 22 year old lady has severe Arthritis and is assisted with physiotherapy. She also receives great support from the pastors of her church. We have a man who came with a severe stroke and is making very gradual progress. A workshop on diabetes was organised for clients, minders and family members. Regular health talks and special care for the carers are organised for the minders, family members and clients.

We are ever grateful to the Catholic men’s group of the Cathedral church, the Sacred Heart Sodality and the faithful of the Cathedral church for their prayerful support and contribution of various items for the clients. We thank the Public Service Pension fund and Eswatini Telecom Charity Trust for their generous donation to Hope House. Namboard and Ruchi Wholesalers are also great benefactors to Hope House.