23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

by Fr Mbongiseni Khuluse

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Previous Sunday readings reminded us that we should be humble and God will exalt us. We should give honour to the poor and the lowly. This Sunday readings clarify to us how best can we fulfil that;

1st reading (Sir 3: 17-20. 28-29)

We are reminded that God the father who is the creator of all that is seen and unseen is wise, none of us can fully understand His ways neither His thoughts. Since we are born of men (flesh) our minds and our bodies are focused on earthly things for that is where the flesh belong. It is through the help of the holy spirit that the will of God can be revealed to us.

2nd reading (Heb 12: 18-19. 22-24)

The holy spirit teaches us to forsake all that is ungodly, it pierces through the heart and teaches us love. Agape love that teaches us to accept and appreciate one another as brothers in Christ. Knowing that in spite of our race, age, colour, sexuality, tribe we are all made from the image of God. We should continuously love and accept one another as St Paul accepted Onesimus as a brother not as a slave.

Gospel (Lk 14: 1. 7-14)

Evangelist Luke emphasis that for us to be true disciples of Christ we need to forsake everything of sentimental value to us for the Glory of God. We need to deny ourselves for the glory of God to be shown in us. One must take up his/her cross and follow Jesus, our cross being ourselves, weaknesses, transgressions, ego, pride our sinful nature. In our pilgrim with Christ we will be transformed into true disciples. So that we can echo like St Paul and say “it is not me but Christ who lives in me”