A country and a world without “trafficking in persons”

by Bishop José Luis IMC

Earlier this year, our diocese launched a “Trafficking in persons’ desk”. It was a natural step to be taken after all the initiatives of the past years: marches, round tables, awareness campaigns… It also followed a meeting of delegates from the Kingdom of Eswatini, South Africa and Malawi at Lilongwe in 2018 where the three countries and three organisations committed to work together: Caritas, the Eswatini Council of Catholic Women and Thalika Kum.

We were therefore grateful for the invitation to attend the launching of “The Kingdom of Eswatini National Strategic Framework and action plan to combat people trafficking” (NSFAP) last 8 August 2019 at the Royal Swazi Spa. Our diocese, through this desk, partners and want to be of support to the efforts being done by government.

No one, in fact, can think of working alone in the fight against this new slavery or, in Pope Francis’ words, this crime against humanity. It is present in every country.

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