The House is on Fire!

By Maduduza Zwane

At Late Bishop Mandlenkosi Zwane’s Memorial Lecture

The House is on Fire – By Bishop Jose Luis Ponce de Leon

At the memorial lecture of the late Bishop Mandlenkosi Zwane at Good Shepherd Parish on the 11th May 2019 hosted by the Catholic Commission of Justice and Peace, Diocese of Manzini Bishop Jose in his introductory remarks told the audience that the House is on Fire regarding the destruction of the environment.

Christians must move swiftly to put off the fire otherwise they will fail to return the gift of the planet by God in the condition that God entrusted it to the people who are in his image.

As a nation or Christians, we must care for the young because they are the future generation to take care of the planet that God gave us. The young people want hope. We must therefore act fast on the environmental crisis we are faced with so that the young people have a material hope.

As Christians we must act soon to the damage caused so that environmental damage is rectified. The planet is entrusted to us and therefore it is not a gift. It must be given back in the same state as it was entrusted to us by God.

It is dreadful that the fish in the rivers die because they are fed with plastics. The people are the cause of this. The cyclones devastating Mozambique are mainly caused by men because of neglecting to protect and taking care of the environment.

The Elnino drought in Swaziland which killed hundreds of cattle was caused by the neglect of the environment. The world is now affected by climate change.

People need to dialogue on why we have the house on fire as speedily as possible.

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