“St. Joseph Mission Youth surprised us all”

by Hamilton Khoza

On Sunday 25th March, our Youth from St. Joseph Mission surprised us all, when after Holy Mass, they made an announcement that transformed us to an unimaginable state of emotion.

The Chairperson of the Youth, announced that as part of their activities, they decided to make a thorough assessment of the Church members and eventually concluded that Mrs Zamekile Shabangu is the one who should benefit from their “secret plan”… They presented her (in Church) with a wide and complete range of groceries that amounted to the tune of E879.00.  Our Parish has been encouraging us to actively engage in activities of charity to the struggling and needy people irrespective of religious affiliation, colour or creed. Our Youth made a wise decision of starting their campaign at ‘home’; as the adage that says – Charity begins at home.

We at St. Joseph Mission are very thankful to our Youth for giving one of our own such a huge gift. Mrs Zamekile Shabangu is visually impaired and has six (6) young children; her children take turns in helping her move around, she is a devoted Catholic and knows all the Hyms by heart; a very interesting character and is ever smiling. Her husband is unemployed and her elder son is employed as a night watchman in one of the schools.

Rev Fr Joseph W. Dlamini thanked the Youth on their brave gesture and further encouraged them to continue with their Caritas work to those in need.