“I enjoyed beating stones”

By Mbongiseni Dlamini

Our diocese has been blessed with eight seminarians at present. We asked each one of them to prepare a brief article about their calling and this is what Mbongiseni had to say.

I am Mbongiseni Dlamini, 28 years old from Nkambeni. I’m from an extended family, I’m a first and last born to my mom but to dad I’m a third born. I did my primary at Bhalekane Primary then I went to Sikhunyane high.

I am from a Catholic family. My grandmother was a member of the St Ann’s Sodality. My parish is St Peregrine’s Mission, but I am from an outstation (Good Samaritan) at Nkambeni. When I was young and in primary level I first wanted to be a teacher. I would teach stones at home during holidays because I enjoyed beating the stones, but as I grew up, my wishes changed, I wanted to be a nurse. I was fascinated by their uniform. Then again, when I was doing my form three, things changed.

I started to be vigilant on the life of a priest. When I was doing my form four, I started to listen to my heart. I felt I wanted to be a priest but I just ignored it, yet something inside was pushing me, and whenever I saw a priest the love for priesthood grew. While I had this love for priesthood, there was a great shortage of priests, as it still is the case. We only had Mass once in three months back then, but currently at least we have Mass once a month.

As I felt the calling, the hunger for Mass also contributed quite a lot. I was also inspired by a number of priests who have been at St Peregrine’s. They were giving the parishioners the love they deserved and so much need. They cared for their people.

It is my prayer that, in my life, the will of God be done unto me. I also open my heart and say, “send me.” I pray that I should be a good garment for the Lord.