Reflection for the third Sunday in Ordinary time C

by Fr Christopher Maseko

When people have a truly great leader, they gather round the leader as the plan of action is explained to them. We, Christians, have such a great leader. We gather round Christ as he unfolds his plan of action with the words ‘I am sent to bring the good news to the poor. I’m sent to proclaim liberty to captives, and to the blind new sight.’

Christ says these words to us, because we are sent with him: I am sent and you are sent. We are sent to bring the good news to the poor. After the baptism in the Jordan and the temptations in the desert, Christ went to Galilee where, according to the Synoptic Gospels, most of his public life was spent. The power and the Spirit of God had descended on him in the Jordan. He was the Messiah. He had received the power and spirit of the prophets of old. His divine sonship was yet hidden, that the crowds who gathered to hear him saw was that he was the man of God, whose words and work proved he was sent by God. He was listened to and honoured by all. It was the custom of the Rabbi of the synagogue to ask a visitor to read the lesson of the day. Christ began his preaching in the synagogues of Galilee, and at first was well received by the Jews. The Messiah would be moved and enlightened by God. He would work miracles of healing and preach deliverance for all. He will bring the great Jubilee, when all God’s people would rejoice and receive God’s favours.

The word of God nourishes, enlightens, energies and strengthens the human lives. It brings humans close to God, shows the way, sustains them, and unifies them with God. The word of God fulfils the needs all those who listen, follow and practice the God’s teaching. Union and integration of mind and heart among the people in the Church, family, society and country can lead us to God. It is unfortunate that we Christians have failed to listen to God’s word and follow it. And therefore, we need to retrospect in these present times of corruption and injustice. “Do we really heed the word of God? Are we ready to follow the word of God? The Lord sent us to bring news to the poor. Often we failed to go to them and to liberate captives and sent to the downtrodden.

Let us then dispose and surrender ourselves in his hand so that his words may touch, transform, inspire and energise our lives. Finally, we are only the clay in his hands, let us allow him to shape and mould us according to his will to bear abundance of Christ. Let us pray that we are being sustained by God’s kingdom personally and be united while keeping our daily tasks.