Triple Celebrations at St. Juliana

by Maduduza Zwane

At St. Juliana Convent for Servite Sisters was abuzz with triple celebrations last Sunday the 6th January 2019.
Two sisters Sr. Philiphina Mamba and Sr. Alexia Kaberuka of Uganda origin were celebrating their Golden and Silver Jubilees having joined the Servite Order, respectively. At the same time, the Swaziland Council of Catholic Women (SCCW) came in number from all parishes in the Diocese of Manzini to present gifts in the form of groceries and money to all Sisters at the convent.

Mass was celebrated by retired Bishop of Uganda in the Diocese of Lugazi, Bishop Matthias Ssekamanya. The church was full such that a section of the congregants stood outside the church but followed the church proceedings without any qualms.

In his sermon the Bishop emphasised that Mass is the most essential and powerful prayer which all Christians in the Catholic Church must attend not only on Sundays but whenever the opportunity of Mass is availed.

The Bishop asked congregants “who said people should attend Mass on Sunday only?”. He also encouraged young girls to become nuns. He again wondered “who said all girls must bear children.” He advised the congregants to pray for interventions to the martyrs of Uganda because they are not martyrs of Uganda only but for the whole world as they died for the church.

Sister Philiphina spoke on behalf of the Golden and Silver Jubilee Celebrants. She related how Sister Alexia came to Swaziland after she herself had visited Uganda. Sister Philipina was instrumental in the creation of the relationship between nuns in Uganda and nuns in Swaziland. She encouraged young girls to join the Servite Sisters because there was life in the sisterhood. She thanked her relatives from the Mamba Royalty clan who had come in numbers to witness her celebrating 50 years of chastity in the church.

It was very pleasant to have a big number of relatives and friends to the two sisters coming to celebrate with them. A large contingency had come from Uganda as well together with their Bishop who is incidentally Sister Alexia’s uncle.

After Mass people were served with good food and entertainments whilst the SCCW members distributed food items to the convent sisters. The celebrations were wonderful.