WFS – Launching the year of the Social Catholic Teaching

by Bp Jose Luis

Last November 2018 I launched a three-year program in our diocese. I called it: WFS. It stands for Word Faith and Social. I felt there was not much creativity in the name but at least it would give a clear idea of what I had in mind.

As I shared in the blog at that time (link) being installed as Bishop of Manzini, I shared on three things Catholics should be recognised for:

  • Bible – Word of God
  • Cathechism of the Catholic Church – Our Faith
  • Social teachings of the Church

We then launched the “Year of the Word of God” which would be followed in 2019 by the “Year of our Faith“.

During the past few weeks I came to believe that there is a kind of “urgency” of deepening on the social teachings of our Church and therefore decided to change the order of topics.

The project remains more or less the same.

  • Sessions will be done on the first Saturday of the month from 09.00 am to 12.30 pm
  • The course will start in February and end in November
  • There will still be a fee (E 500) to cover for some costs
  • We will limit the registration to 70 people because of the size of our hall

The difference is that there will be a team of priests sharing on these topics. Four of them belong to our diocese (Fr D. Vilakati, Fr M. Makama, Fr P. Magagula and Fr S. Ndwandwe) and two belong to dioceses in South Africa (Fr Zwane, Diocese of Witbank & Fr Mchunu, Diocese of Dundee)

The list of topics have been taken from the DOCAT:

 DOCAT is an excellent source of information on social justice for young people, helping them to get to know and live the social doctrine of the Church. He is the great practical successor to YOUCAT, the very popular youth catechism based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. (

I am deeply grateful to God for being with us in this journey. The year of the Bible was a huge success. I do believe the year of the Catholic Social Teaching will be too.

I am also deeply grateful to our priests for the hard work towards making this possible.

Note: registration is done at the bishop’s office.