St. Joseph Sodality Receives New Members at OLOS

By Maduduza Zwane – Chairman of the St. Joseph Sodality

Last Sunday the 28th October 2018, the St. Joseph Sodality received four members from Our Lady of Sorrows (OLOS) parish in Hluti. They are Michael Sikhosana, Sthembiso Sibiya, Patrick Nhlabatsi and Makhosi Simelane.

The induction ceremony at Mass was conducted by Father Giorgio Massa IMC the parish priest. He blessed the crosses and handed them to the new members to wear. All was done in full view of the members of the parish among them was Tom Jele.

With reference to the Gospel of Mark 10: 46-52 Father Giorgio Massa preached with reference to the blind person who was made to regain his sight by Jesus because of the person’s faith. When he had regained his sight, he did not want to go home but followed Jesus Christ.

The priest preached to the congregants that when they are baptized they get a way to follow and to be close to Jesus. But the priest decried that some come to church to sit right at the back far from Jesus. They don’t come close to Jesus. They come to church to warm benches and wait for Mass to end for them to go. He said some do not involve themselves with what is done in the church. They don’t join Sodalities to strengthen their faith and be close to Jesus Christ.

He emphasized that God did not create us to do nothing. He encouraged the new members of the St. Joseph Sodality to be involved in the activities of the parish and the church. He commended the St. Joseph Sodality to have brought Catholic men together to be at the forefront. He advised Catholic men in the church who are not married according to the church’s teachings to put their houses in order. Catholic men are priests in their families, the priest preached. They must have all relevant sacraments importantly that of matrimony. Catholic men must be leaders in their families in morning and evening prayers.

The St. Joseph Sodality men want to be exemplary to their families and the church, he said. They need to be prayed for. They want to be close to Jesus, father said.

In welcoming the new members, the chairman of the St. Joseph Sodality Maduduza Zwane told members and the congregants that membership with the St. Joseph Sodality is of great importance for Catholic Men, both to the family and to the church. Therefore, it is important that we love and protect our homes as men just as St. Joseph Protected the Holy Family. It is then that we can demonstrate our meaningful leadership in the church. It is an opportunity for a Catholic man to testify to the church and to the world, of his/her faith and trust in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Zwane advised.

The Chairman welcomed the St. Joseph Sodality new members. He told them that their joining with the Sodality is truly a time of rejoicing and a victory for Our Lady of Sorrows church and the Diocese of Manzini. It is not mere joining the Sodality because of its beautiful uniform but it is a calling to serve our families, our communities and the church, the Chairman said.

Zwane made the new members aware that by joining the Sodality each one of them is saying “I devote myself to praying together with other men, to be at the forefront in all activities of the church, to assist the priest and parish at all times, to love and protect my family, to take care of my family according to the teachings of the Catholic church and to sacrifice my time and money for the well-being of the church and the needy”. We praise and thank God for leading you to become members of the St. Joseph sodality in the Diocese of Manzini, the chairman said.

He informed church members that the St. Joseph Sodality has collaborated with various church Sodalities within the country and outside. The Sodality fully collaborates with the Catholic Men’s Union in the Diocese of Marianhill. The Sodality will continue to grow and allow our lights to shine forth together with their prayers and support, he informed the members of the parish.

The Chairman challenged the new members to help build the St. Joseph Sodality and the Church in Swaziland in an atmosphere of Solidarity with other Catholic groups. He encouraged them to make a total commitment to Christ and become labourers in the vineyard and witnesses to others because the harvest is great, but the labourers are few. But, to be an effective labourer, a member of the Sodality must go to church on a regular basis, take care of his family and neighbours, receive the Holy Communion; and become bold and powerful witness for Him, the chairman advised old and new members of the Sodality. He directed members to their parish priests If they have any questions about receiving God’s Spirit.

In conclusion the chairman of the St. Joseph Sodality encouraged every man in the church to be married according to the dictates of the Catholic Church, to serve God, the Church and the priest and nuns with their whole hearts. He advised that their church needed them, the Sodality needs them, they need the Sodality and all of us need Christ.

He invited the Catholic men in the church, to feel free to call upon the Sodality at any time. He expressed the Sodality’s deep appreciation for their love, prayers and commitment to the St. Joseph Sodality, God and their church, he wished God to continue to bless the men and their families.