Our Parish Magazine

By Siphesihle Nkomonde

Sts Peter and Paul Parish launched her parish magazine on Sunday the 8th of July 2018 during the celebration of the parish feast. Thereafter the magazine will be published annually on the feast of the parish. Through this magazine we wish to share among ourselves and with others how we live and practice our faith since we believe that faith is strengthened when shared. The magazine is titled Singumndeni (we are a family) a name that our parish would like to identify with. At Sts Peter and Paul we want to nurture the family spirit among our members; we don’t just want to be a community of believers; we want to build a family where everyone of us feels appreciated, accepted, welcomed and loved.

Therefore, the name Singumndeni suits us just so well. We Catholics are known for our discipline, our treasure and our values and the love we have for one another as a family. Our love is not just for fellow church members but for all in a way that we leave an impact in the society; that’s one way through which we evangelize.

Our magazine features mostly the life of our parish including all the groups and sodalities of our parish. It will also act as a tool for evangelization and catechesis; many people want an insight on how to live and practice their faith; some want a better understanding of our catholic faith, while others just need to hear testimonies from others to help strengthen their faith. As a result, our parish has decided to publish this magazine to help cater for those various needs of our people for their spiritual growth. It is true that other publications, like books and documentaries, have been used before but magazines are more attractive and more appealing to the eyes of everyone including the youth and children.

Finally, we also hope that through the sale of the magazine we will be able to raise some little funds for the growth of our parish. At E50 you can get yourself a copy to support our parish.