Opening of the New Maternity wing at St Theresa’s Clinic

On 14 May 2018, the Minister for Health, His Lordship Bishop Jose and the US Ambassador 
officially opened the new Maternity wing at St Theresa’s Clinic. 
Below is the Minister’s speech during the event

Date: 14th MAY 2018
Venue: St Theresa Clinic Manzini

Director of Events
Bishop of the Diocese of Manzini 
St Theresa Board and Staff
Senior Staff of the Ministry of Health,
Invited guests
The Media, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Good Morning all and thank you for providing me an opportunity to make remarks on this important event.

The Catholic Church has done it again Bishop as I mentioned at the Day of the sick at St Peter and Paul that as the Kingdom of Eswatini we greatly appreciate the role played by the Catholic Church in the Health Sector.

Every country’s health system in the world is measured by its maternal and infant mortality rates and if we have a good maternity wing with quality services we are assured as a nation that we will drastically reduce infant mortality.

Every human being has a base and that start from birth and that is the foundation for the future of a human being. We believe as a health sector that where you give birth it must be of high quality care and the best service place that provides the best foundation for the child.

On behalf of the Government of Eswatini I would like to pass our sincere thanks and appreciation to the funders of the new Maternity Wing which is the United States of America Government through its DoD. May I promise as the Ministry of Health that we will do our best to provide the necessary technical support that is needed to run the maternity wing smoothly to add value to the health of our people.

It is a known fact that if you ask any person around Manzini he or she will mention the good services provided at St Theresa clinic and as one of the oldest in Manzini we are happy to see it grow.

Majority of you present here were not born at the establishment of St Theresa clinic. It started its operations in 1962 and fully managed by the Church Sisters.

I would like to assure the staff that as government we are aware of the good work that you are doing and we greatly appreciate the services that you are providing to the public. Continue your good work and our Heavenly Father will reward you.

The Clinic is now managed by the Swaziland Catholic Nurses Guild since 1994 as requested by the late Bishop Ncamiso Ndlovu and we have noted the increase of services provided and today as we are opening a new wing we can tell that the efforts of the Swaziland Catholic Nurses Guild in managing St Theresa Clinic is commendable .

I would like to mention three key effective areas of a proper functioning Maternity that the staff at St Theresa need to consider when providing its services:

1. Safety and care for mothers and babies during labour and birth must be a priority
2. Offer all women the best quality positive birth experience.
3. Provide Comprehensive Maternity Care (from conception to six weeks post delivery) that reduces mortality and morbidity to mother and new born.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me emphasise the importance of family support to the pregnant woman, especially the father of the unborn child. Studies have shown that there is good pregnancy outcomes and less birth associated complications to women that are supported by their spouses in the whole duration of pregnancy and birth. The experience is always positive and rich for those women. So men I encourage you to support your women.

Mothers do remember that child bearing is a delicate process that requires skilled care; so do make sure that you visit your clinic for antenatal and postnatal care so that any complications that can affect your pregnancy and delivery are detected early in your pregnancy.

Do remember that pregnancy and birth are normal life events and that all women regardless of background must be provided the most positive birth experience possible.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now my priviledge and pleasure to declare the New Maternity Wing of St Theresa Clinic officially opened.

Thank You and God bless you all.