“Spoil the Priests” lunch

by Lovey Ndlovu

On the 7th April 2018 the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) – Kwaluseni had  “Spoil the Priest lunch” at the Salesian Priest house, where they  invited 8 Priests from the different  parishes.

We intend to spoil them yearly, moreover, it is a way of showing appreciation for the wonderful work they do for us on a daily basis,  as well as to spend some time with them as they at all times have hectic schedules and they are constantly by themselves at the same time to get to know them better in a different environment.

The President of CWL was our Programme Director of the day, where introduction of Priests were done,  petitions for Priests were requested, some comments from the Chairlady of Kwaluseni and presentation of token of appreciation to the Priests were made.  There were closing of remarks from the Priests, they expressed their thankful hearts for the gesture, they really appreciated KAKHULU.