Report on the St Joseph Sodality Retreat

By Maduduza Gabriel Zwane

Retreat of the St. Joseph Sodality at Christ The King on the Feast of St. Joseph the Husband of Mary.

The retreat took place on the Feast of St. Joseph at Christ the King. The retreat was attended by members of the St. Joseph Sodality, Sacred Heart Parish Chairperson, four men from Our Lady of Sorrows and members of the St. Anne sodality at the Christ the King Branch.

Father Mandla Makama was the retreat master and presenter together with Father Victor and Father Gaston of Good Shepard and Christ the King respectively.

Father Gaston summarized the purposes of a catholic retreat that is a time of silence, prayer and self-introspection. It is not like conferences and meetings. We need during a retreat to pray alone and meditate until you start hating yourself for your sins. Father Gaston quoted the book of Kings Chapter 19:9-15.

Father M. Makama emphasized that as St. Joseph Sodality men who are married in the church we should love our wives as St. Paul teaches us to do so from Ephesians Chapter 5:15-33. Men should love their wives because Jesus Christ loves us.

About the topic “The Sacraments with special reference to the Sacrament of Matrimony, Father Mabuza quoted Mark Chapter 10:1-12.

He went to say that; The Sacrament of Matrimony is God’s plan. He added that marriage is a gift from God and a responsibility. Finally, he said St. Joseph is a visible sign of the presence of the family of God in Heaven. He concluded that without prayer, one may forget that we represent Christ hence we receive the Eucharist which is Christ himself.

We believe that the mission and objectives on St. Joseph in the Diocese could move smoothly and fast if the Priests could talk about it when the opportunity arises.

On another note, the St. Joseph Sodality will be attending the Catholic Men’s Organization conference under the banner of St. Joseph at Marianhill Diocese on the 5th to 7th April 2018. Catholic men at Our Lady of Sorrows will be joining our Sodality to attend the conference.

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