New members – Sacred Heart Sodality

by Babe Khoza

The 4th of March 2018, was a special day for us as the St. Joseph Sacred Heart Sodality, in that eight (8) of our new members took oath to God and received their crosses after successfully completing their six (6) month training which began in October 2017.

This of course followed Holy Mass which was celebrated by Fr. Dumsani Mazibuko. 

They will now begin their Novitiate which will last twelve (12) months, undergoing an intensive training that will include strict adherence to our action plan, and that ofcourse that is enshrined in the Sacred Heart Sodality Constitution. Their novitiate will end in February 2019, however advice from the Diocesan Executive will guide if the Holy Mass that will mark their full membership can be done during the Sacred Heart Sodality Holy Month in June 2019.

We were blessed with the presence of Fr. D. Mazibuko (Superior of the Servants of Mary in the Diocese) and the full presence of the Diocesan Executive of the Sacred Heart.