Share but do not lose…

by Dabulamanzi Ntshangase

On our last Sunday (14th January 2018) of our pastoral exposure for the summer holiday, we had an opportunity to join the youth on the “chain movement of the cross.”

The cross is meant to go around the whole diocese and it is currently at the Cathedral (Manzini) where we have been for our summer holiday. The youth from St. Gabriel’s at Moneni were the ones taking the cross to Ss. Peter and Paul at Makholweni. St. Gabriel’s and Ss. Peter and Paul are “outstations” of the Manzini Cathedral.

The event took place from 09h00 at Makholweni. It started with a prayer and a procession from the main road up to the church. The youth from St. Gabriel’s were the ones leading the procession carrying the cross, an icon of Mary and a candle. While processing from the main road to the church the Glorious Mysteries of the rosary were said. After the Gospel reading the cross was processed from the back of the church to the front. It was during the time of the announcements when the youth from St. Gabriel’s handed over the cross, icon of Mary and the candle to the youth of Ss. Peter and Paul.

It was so touching to hear the words of the chairperson of the youth when handing over the candle. He told the youth from Ss. Peter and Paul to share the light with other people yet not losing it themselves. An example that came to mind was that of a teacher, a teacher acquires knowledge at his/her training and he/she passes on this knowledge to the pupils/students without losing it. In other words, the chairperson was encouraging us to be exemplary in word and deed. Let what people see and hear from us be a true reflection of who we are. Surely, this challenge is relevant not only to the youth but every Christian, young or old. We are grateful to have been part of this event.