Graduations at Ekululameni

By St Joseph’s Social Projects

On Wednesday 06 December about 30 students living with disabilities graduated in various fields offered by Ekululameni.

The main message was directed to parents who came to witness the graduation of their children in numbers:

  • that a disabled person in most cases is the parent who does not know what to do when he/she has a child with disabilities;
  • that failure to realize early enough what to do and where to get help is disability on its own;
  • parents were asked to support their children so that they start their own businesses

The Director of Cheshire Homes was also present and was given a chance to say a few words:

  • he appreciated what Ekululameni is doing as it almost offers the same as his centre at Matsapha and Matsanjeni
  • he will be meeting with Sister Ngwenya OSM to see how they can revive the Physiotherapy centre at St. Joseph’s Mission
  • would also like to involve in sports the children wth disabilities of Ekululameni like it is done in other countries so that they can also participate in international games such as the Olympics
  • He would like also to emulate what Botswana is doing particularly in the Diamond Mines where students disabilities are employed in various skills and these students have performed better than the able workers in all respects.