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In a world where news evolves rapidly it is often difficult to be attentive and discerning. In an environment where fake news seeks to mislead, strives to be a reliable, reasoned and informed source. sheds light on the social, political and economic happenings in Southern Africa. It offers analysis and commentary – informed by Catholic Social Teaching and Christian ethics – on the things that matter to Africans. In the marketplace of public opinion, Spotlight Africa is a dependable and independent voice as it illuminates what needs to be brought into the light and communicated to the world.

Spotlight Africa covers, specifically, things that are and should be important for the local Church and, specifically, Catholics in Southern Africa.

This publication strives to offer excellent content. It seeks to assist Catholic readers to better interpret their daily lives and the world around them in the light of the Catholic tradition.


Spotlight Africa invites thoughtful engagement from its readers. Good engagement is always respectful and charitable. Debate, criticism and questi

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Our contributors come from all walks of Southern African life. They write boldly about issues that matter from their lived experience. We encourage debate and active engagement in Southern African life and should you wish to make a contribution beyond the comments section, you may submit high quality pieces that meet editorial standards in the form of an opinion piece or a letter to the editor. It is the editor’s decision on what gets published.

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