“Sicknesses and temptations” (by Pope Francis)

LentDear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Last year before Christmas, Pope Francis addressed the Roman Curia and presented some “sicknesses and temptations that weaken our service to the Lord.”

Some people pointed out it sounded more of a Lenten message than an Advent one.

Being one or the other, it certainly can help us all (bishops, priests, religious, laity) in our journey towards Easter because as Pope Francis says at the end:

these sicknesses and these temptations are, naturally, a danger for every Christian and for every Curia, community, Congregation, parish, Ecclesial Movement, etc. and they can strike at the individual as much as at the communal level.”

That is why I thought of sharing his words with you all. Last month one bishop in Rome said in his homily: “I found most of these things in my own life…”

Another exercise we could do is to ask ourselves: are there any other important ones missing in this list?

Wish you all a blessed Lenten journey.

+ José Luis IMC

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