Hope House – Indlu Yelitsemba

1Hope House is a residential faith based hospice center and is part of Caritas Swaziland’s suite of HIV and AIDS support programmes. It was officially opened in 2001. HIV AIDS clients & all terminally ill people, regardless of their religious affiliation, nationality, or age are able to utilize the services of Hope House. Accommodation is provided in individual furnished units.

It is centrally located in Manzini, which is virtually in the middle of Swaziland, making it accessible to clients from all four regions of the country. It is the only known center of its kind in Swaziland and Caritas Swaziland is the only known organization within the country that provides the full range of HIV and AIDS interventions from prevention and impact mitigation through palliative care.

The vision of Hope House is to offer the nation a sanctuary and peace of mind in their hour of need by striving to alleviate the pain and suffering of those living with a terminal illness, and assisting them to lead comfortable and productive lives to the fullest extent possible.

The year 2014 was a successful year for us. We are very thankful to Tinkers, Manzini meat Market, RekhaParamount tailors, Mr. ThwalaManene, John Creamer, Mr. MdzinisoMilton ,SWD Roof Masters , Mrs. Jenny Armitage,AlfredMdzebele, Patraciagininza, Mariayna Pullen, The Seventh day Adventist, the Angilican church Women’s group, Catholic Cathedral Church Manzini&MoseKumalo, SWD Airlines , MTN, SPTC, SWDEC, Water cooperation, banks, Schools ,Churches, sodalities, many other individuals etc.. that are the regular donors of Hope House , their contribution makes a big difference in the day to day running of Hope House. 2014 was indeed a great year of blessing for Hope House, through hard work and dedication Hope House was able to attain the Government Subvention. We thank the good God for this great blessing, we are ever thankful to Dr. Simon Zwane and his team for making this possible.

We hope you will agree with us that we cannot live in the past but in the present. We hope for the future. Our source of hope is the trust we have in you as an individual or group. We believe that with your support and donation, 2015 will also be a great year for us and our loved ones, the termainally ill. Donations in kind can be sent directly to Hope House or to Caritas Swaziland. Remember every cent counts!

Thank You.

Sr. Elsa Joseph
Hope House