Our stars…!

IMG_4412Like every year, on January 6 we gathered at St Juliana’s to celebrate with the Swazi Servite Sisters the feast of the Epiphany of the Lord.
This year the celebration included the Golden Jubilee of Sr Dominica Dube OSM and Sr Stephania Ngwenya OSM. Fifty years have passed since the day they said for the first time: “Today I consecrate my life to God…”. 
At the beginning of the Mass I joked saying it was a continuation of our “centenary celebrations” as we had “two fifties” (Golden Jubilees) and then underlined how providential it is that it came to happen during this special year dedicated to “Consecrated Life” in the church all over the world.
I see them as our “stars” leading us to where Jesus is. Then, taking from Pope Francis’ letter I invited them and all to be stars by:

  • deepening their passion, passion for God and passion for his people. Passion for God manifested in reading, reflecting and living God’s Word. Passion for people sharing their joy and struggle;
  • being people of hope (and not hopeless people!) in a time of lack of vocations, trusting the One who called them;
  • being experts of communion. In a world so many times divided, they should live in such a way that we could become places where we could learn to live together.