Novena in preparation to our Pilgrimage

IMG_3079Our pilgrimage

Our diocese is blessed with a beautiful tradition: coming together every year around the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady who is the patroness of our diocese. We come together as one family. We come together as brothers and sisters. We come together as one body. We come together to pray, to be with Jesus and to be sent again by Him to be good news to others.

A text

Someone suggested to me it would be good if this important event could be prepared with a novena of prayer and reflection.

That is why I prepared these simple pages going back to a beautiful text Pope Francis gave us last year: “The Joy of the Gospel”. This is the text I gave every priest, religious and parish of our diocese at my installation in January.

Together with it, I have chosen some biblical passages and questions to help us reflect and pray.

A theme

Pope Francis speaks of Christians as missionary disciples. That is why each day you will find something that identifies a missionary disciple (joy, conversion, God’s Word…).

I have also included a reflection on what a pilgrimage is. This is a text prepared by Fr Mel Loftus OSM for the Vicariate of Ingwavuma.

Wish you a blessed time and … see you in Florence!

+ José Luis IMC
Bishop of Manzini

Click HERE to download the text of the novena